MEDiiQ 2018 Topics

 The broad topics that would be covered are:
  •  Human body (structure and functions) 
  •  Health related general knowledge and current affairs.
  •  Medicine: History, Discoveries, Inventions 
  •  National health programmes
  •  Basics of health care system 
  •  Communicable diseases: causative agents, vectors,, prevention 
  •  Non communicable diseases: types, risk factors, prevention
  •  Vaccines and Vaccine Preventable Diseases
  •  Nutrition and breastfeeding 
  •  First aid
  • Adolescent health 
  •  Myths about health and Medicine
  •  Genetics 
  •  Organ donation 
  •  Latest advances in health care 
  •  Mental health 
  •  New born care 
  •  Food adulteration 
  •  Nobel prizes in Medicine, Other awards, Day observations related to health 
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About MediIQ

Medical quiz for high school students by Kerala Government Medical Officers’ Association (KGMOA).KGMOA is the one and only recognised service organization of Doctors working in the Health Services Department of Kerala State. Amrithakiranam is a novel venture of the KGMOA State committee to promote scientific medicine and healthy living, which is possible only through development of scientific temper among the student community.
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